And There They Go

The real howler on Twitter goes to Think Progress, bemoaning…prepare yourselves…Ryan’s LACK of private sector experience, since he’d only worked at Mickey D’s and his dad’s construction company. I noticed the catch-22 in that one:

THIS ia going to be ugly…but FUN.


3 Responses to “And There They Go”

  1. currently says:

    We knew it would be ugly no matter who Romney picked. That’s all the leftists have.

    Thank goodness Romney picked a running mate who can clearly and concisely explain conservative positions and is proud of them and sincerely believes in them.

    It will help make this election a stark contrast between completely opposite views of how our country should be governed.

    I think it makes for even a larger landslide against Obama – similar to Reagan vs Carter in 1980.

  2. JeffS says:

    And, of course, President Zero has even less private sector experience than Ryan, and he loathed that experienced.

    Ugly but fun, indeed. ‘Sploding lefty heads all around, folks!

  3. Dr Alice says:

    Have you seen this Tumblr site? If not, you’ll love it.

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