And THIS Scathing Juicy Tidbit

…from as liberal a New Yawker as it gets.

SENATE Democratic leader Harry Reid’s party somehow changed this year’s calendar order of caucuses and put Nevada, his home state, after Iowa. ‘Twas never ever thus before. Always New Hampshire. Only problem with that being, Harry Reid ain’t from New Hampshire. But why should his state, home to gamblers, slots, transplanted rootless humans, supplant good old Amurrrrican Yankee New Hampshire stock? Because, says Harry Reid, my state shows diversity. Yeah, right. So power to choose the next president of the United States will come from croupiers and crapshooters. With every pol about to descend on Nevada, this is a big wet kiss to the hotel union and hospitality industry. I don’t know where’s the beef, but I do know where’s the pork. In Nevada.

One Response to “And THIS Scathing Juicy Tidbit”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Ouch. That had to have left a mark.

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