Another Reason the State of Florida

…(per our discussion below) should keep it’s arbitrary paws off your Chuck E. Cheese stranded children?

Number of foster children missing from state care on the rise
While Florida has increased its efforts to track down children missing from state care, the number of foster children who are missing has gone up six fold in the last few years, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

State child welfare officials confirmed that 652 children are missing from the foster care system. Most of them are runaways, although some are believed to have been taken from their foster homes by their biological parents.

They do such a BANG up job with the kids they get through regular channels. If I was six, I’d take my chances with the rodent, thank you.

3 Responses to “Another Reason the State of Florida”

  1. Damn, chucky looks like he’s been out drinking with me, Kristy, and the rest of the Seville crew. That’s…really disturbing. I’m stealing it. =P

  2. Nightfly says:

    I’m with Ebola on this. That thing looks like it eats the kids.

  3. He does have sort of a sleepy, lounge-lizard eye thing going on…
    And old Ebola could have told me the rodent disturbs him before his Aunt Kcruella and I dropped copious amounts routinely at the local Chuck E.’s during his formative years, primarily for his entertainment.
    (We cut back when they stopped serving pitchers of beer. Damn Mexicans would get liquored up and rumble into knife fights during parties, so they changed to by the glass/2 per limited beer sales. Party poopers ruin everything.)

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