Anybody Wanna Tell Me WHY


Police on Wednesday were pleading for witnesses to help them track down members of an angry mob that beat a man to death after the car he was riding in apparently struck and injured a child.
Investigators were struggling to piece together what happened Tuesday when David Rivas Morales died defending the driver from members of a crowd. There could have been anywhere from two to 20 attackers, Austin Police Commander Harold Piatt said.
The car in which Morales, 40, was a passenger had entered an apartment complex’s parking lot when it struck a 2-year-old boy, Piatt said. The boy was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
The driver got out of the car to check on the child and was confronted by several people, Piatt said. When they attacked the driver, Morales got out of the car to protect the driver and was attacked as well. Police said no guns or knives were used.

…didn’t make either ABC’s World News Tonight or NewsHour last night?
I can guess why, but, being blonde and all, I need positive reinforcement.

24 Responses to “Anybody Wanna Tell Me WHY

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Because no blondes were involved?

  2. Dave E. says:

    It’s not an opportunity to speak Truth to Power. As such, why would anybody want to know about it?

  3. ricki says:

    Two thoughts:
    Because everything is “for the children,” maybe there are those who feel the guy got what he deserved, for bumping a “baby” with his car. Even though it was apparently an accident. (I think that is unlikely, what is more likely is…)
    if it was a skinhead group that killed some motorist for bumping a skinhead baby – or even if it was, say, the Scandinavian-American League in Minnesota involved in this – it’d be all over the news.
    People look for proof of what they want to believe, promote those stories, and disregard the rest.

  4. jpc says:

    where was the baby’s mother while a 2 year old baby was wandering the streets?

  5. cheryle says:

    People will be unwilling to come forward for the same reason that these individuals think it is ok to take someones life. This very same thing happened in Chicago. The only difference is that someone did come forward. Don’t loose faith in our law enforcement agencies they have ways of not totally telling everything they already know. I have faith that out of all the individuals that witnessed this crime someone will have a have the courage to stand up and say hey this is wrong.

  6. Dee says:

    And did they beat the person who was supposed to be watching that child. Why was that child in the street. Why beat the passenger to death, this is very weird. Not a neighborhood I want anything to do with.

  7. Dave E. says:

    Believe me ricki, as a member of the German-Irish-Italian-American League in Minnesota, if it had been those damned Scandinavians I’d be all over this.
    Kidding aside, I’d like to know a few more things. The article says they are trying to track down members of an angry mob, then it says a witness says 3 or 4 people attacked him. Not that it matters to the victim, but there’s a difference between a lynch mob and 3 or 4 dumbasses.

  8. nebraskalady says:

    Dee, it doesn’t matter whether it was 3 or 4 dumbasses or a mob. What matters is that an accident happened because who ever was tending to the child wasn’t watching very well. As for the driver he also was careless for not keeping an eye out for children who may have been playing. But unlike so many people where I live (we’ve had 4 hit and run accidents in which the victim was left dying in the roadway in just over 3 weeks) this driver stopped to check on the child, when he was attacked his passenger came to his rescue only to have the attackers turn on him and then the cowardly driver runs and leaves him..What I want to know is what is happening to our society? Where is our compassion for others. Why does it seem so many are willing beat the shit out of someone for any reason. Road rage is a perfect example of people getting hurt. So if ANYONE out there can tell me why our society is rapidly going to hell I would love to hear from them.

  9. D. Stout says:

    I have severasl problems/observations with what occured.
    1) As mentioned before, where was the childs mother and/or father? Parents need to take responsibility for the safety of their children, espically in a public setting.
    2) If there were a group of about 20 and only 3 or 4 were doing the beating, why wasn’t any assistants given to David by the onlookers? Have we come this far from doing the right thing?
    3) It would make no difference to me what ethnic back ground a person comes from, but if I were a police officer, I would not been worried so much about crowd control as I would have about someone who was injured. I would never delay the medical personel from reaching this man because of the crowd.
    Just my opinion.

  10. CharlestonPam says:

    I personally think that the person(s) “caring” for the child should have been knocked upside the head – circumstances are unknown and the kid could have run out into the road into/in front of the car. It would be hard to see a two foot (or less) tall person over the dash and hood.
    As for what’s wrong with our society, it’s sad but simple. Most people are only out for themselves and don’t care about anyone else outside of their own little bubble. There are very few people left in the world who care beyond themselves and their bubble. Parents, raise your kids with some morals and goodness.

  11. Hmmmm says:

    uh maybe I’m jumping to conclusions when a black mob beats a latino man to death. Surely race had nothing to with it right?

  12. Cheryl says:

    Hum…….being a foster parent, where the world were the parents of this child!!!!!! HOW is it a man is beat to death, when PARENTS are clearly at fault! Had the parents been responsible, that child would have NEVER been there and the accident would not of happened! I don’t get the lesson is this one, that a man had to be KILLED to get the attention of the irresponsible parents! Let’s see, what is going to happen with the parents? What is their long term consequence ???

  13. Robert G. says:

    I think it is time that mexicans and latinos
    should unite to be as strong as others.

  14. vivian lorraine elorriaga says:

    The parents of the two year were probably smoking crack and probably had a habit of leaving their child unattended. Now that David is dead their will be no one to watch over the other children who play in the parking lot. If now after what happened the parking lot should be off limits to other children to play in.

  15. Thank you all for your comments and a warm Swill welcome to you! You’re all so right on many accounts. For SURE there is no way a 2 year old should be careening around a parking lot unattended ~ which, by it’s very name, implies CARS moving in and out to PARK. But, not knowing any better, let’s say the little guy shot out from a grassy area or screen door. (Little guys are like greased eels ~ they’ll slip out before you can blink.) ACCIDENTS like that happen and usually end far more tragically. To his credit, this driver stopped immediately and THERE’S where the truly unforgivable thing happened. He wasn’t running. No one had to throw their body in front of his vehicle to prevent him fleeing the scene. He did the responsible thing and was attacked. His friend did the responsible thing attempting to help and paid for it with his life.
    Accidents happen in the best of circumstances. No one should expect to die if they then respond in the appropriate and responsible fashion. And someone should have the courage to come forward and nail these murderous bastards ~ black, green, purple, red, white, whatEVER color doesn’t matter ~ to the wall for what they did.

  16. Lily says:

    Let me guess….this happened in a black neighborhood?

  17. Crow says:

    Ok,I heard clairifaction from an Austin policman, after CBS and assorted networks tried to connect this incident with Junteenth holiday. The Austin officer said the incident and junteenth weren’t related, I resent, for any reason, media covering this as if Junteenth was a contributing factor to this crime. A child was struck by a car, a man was assaulted and killed, by multiple assailents.This is the tragic crime. We have no more imformation. My family and I enjoyed a wonderful Junteenth 3 day festival. The majority of Americans don’t even know what Junteenth represents and for me it’s more of a holiday then the 4th of July. Let’s not miseducate the public by connecting murder and Junteenth. No one need sthis fear spreading/hate mongering kind of reporting.

  18. Patriot says:

    Was he (Martinez) legal or illegal resident of this country (USA)?

  19. Patriot says:

    Sorry. I meant Morales.

  20. eieio7100 says:

    To nebraskalady, and anyone else wondering the same thing about the secure scene, the officers were not worried about crowd control by keeping the EMS away, they were worried about the safety of the EMT’s. Being an EMT myself, I cannot tell you the number of times I have been attacked, and shot at having responded to a scene that is not secured. It was a necessary move for the safety of the rescuers. It sucks, but unfortunately it is the society we live in. The man that died was just coming to help, and they attacked him, what is to say they wouldn’t attack anyone else.

  21. Lee says:

    This just blows my mind that this kind of crap still goes on. And the media doesn’t really cover this story because they don’t want to send the wrong message. We need to stop being so PC about everything and tell it how it is. I’m sure the Jackass Duo Sharpton and Jackson will down there soon enough saying the black Americans are being picked on, blah blah blah. Bunch of cry babies, I wish the BLACK AMERICANS would finally get their shit together and stop using everything past and present as a crutch!!!!

  22. unknown says:

    Just more proof you can take the savage out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the savage! Also, don’t forget about the savsges in Tennesse! Something is wrong with this country, I do not want to point any fingers (maybe one), but we all know what it is.

  23. If, by savages in TN, you mean the suspects in these murders, there’s been an awful lot of horrific MISinformation being spreadas gospel about these brutal murders. (I link to that article to correct some of what you’ve probably heard.) Yes, the suspects are black and the crime unimaginable even in their truncated version. But here in Pensacola, we have lily white savages and THIS version of the crime is from the Florida Supreme Court’s ANSWER BRIEF OF APPELLEE.

    On March 29, 1998, Leighton Smitherman was sitting in his living room watching television when he heard a gun go off outside his window. He felt a sharp pain in his back from the bullet, which did not hit “anything important,”but lodged so close to a major artery that the doctors left the
    bullet in him. Smitherman did not know Rodgers or
    his co-defendant Jonathan Lawrence. In a May 13,
    1998 statement to Santa Rosa County law officers, Rodgers admitted to police that he had been the shooter.

    Eleven days later, sometime after dark, Rodgers and Lawrence got Justin Livingston [a developmentally disabled cousin] to go with them using a pretextual lure of an offer to smoke marijuana that Rodgers and Lawrence did not
    actually have. They entered a “helicopter field” by using bolt cutters on the fence. Once on the field, Rodgers stabbed Livingston in the chest and in the back, and then choked him to
    Afterwards, Lawrence stabbed Livingston “about 17 times in the back”.

    On May 7, 1998, 18-year-old Jennifer Robinson went on a date with Jeremiah Rodgers. Pursuant to her mother’s rules, she introduced Rodgers to her mother before going out with him. Rodgers assured Mrs. Robinson that he would bring Jennifer home on time and that there would be no drinking; they were just going to visit friends.
    Jennifer never made it home

    …They went to Lawrence’s house to pick
    him up and to switch from Rodgers’ car to Lawrence’s truck. Lawrence had already picked up a bottle of “Everclear,” so they headed towards Blue Springs, stopping on the way for some soft drinks to mix with the Everclear the Blue Springs area, they drove into the woods as far as they could go, stopped, and pretended to wait for Lawrence’s

    While “waiting” (Rodgers “knew” they
    were not really waiting on Lawrence’s girlfriend), they plied Jennifer with Everclear mixed with Mountain Dew, drinking very little themselves.
    Rodgers admitted mixing it “strong” on purpose.
    Eventually, Rodgers told police, he and the victim engaged in consensual sex.
    They talked for a while and, according to Rodgers, had consensual sex twice more.
    She was “drunk” by then. Meanwhile, Lawrence had walked off into the woods, trying to get his gun unjammed; when he succeeded, Lawrence gave
    the gun to Rodgers. Sometime after midnight, they
    left this area, and went to where some marijuana plants were supposed to be (actually, there were none, according to Rodgers).
    Rodgers and Jennifer walked down the hill on the
    pretext of finding these plants; Rogers told police he “couldn’t do it then,” but, when they got back to Lawrence’s truck, he pulled out the gun and shot Jennifer in the back of the head.

    Rodgers described the shooting as part of the
    plan. He and Lawrence moved the body to the back of the truck, where Lawrence cut off her clothes and had sex with Jennifer’s body.
    …When Lawrence was
    finished, they drove to another place to bury the body; upon their arrival, Lawrence had sex with the body again. Then, using a scalpel, Lawrence cut all the skin and flesh off Jennifer’s leg from the knee down, separated the muscle from the fat and skin, bagged the muscle and put it on ice in the cooler. While Lawrence was doing all this, Rodgers got out a Polaroid camera and took pictures. Later, Rodgers took the scalpel Lawrence had used earlier, made incisions on Jennifer’s forehead, and took pictures of them.
    After attempting (mostly unsuccessfully) to bury and then burn Jennifer’s body, Lawrence went to work, and Rodgers went home toPatty Perritt’s house and went to sleep.

    There’s no need to sling racist ‘jungle’ analogies around. Evil doesn’t know color.
    And they’ve just given Rodgers the death penaltyagain

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