Are Y’All Reading This

…the same way I did?

12:00 ET Dow +25.69 at 13845.80, Nasdaq +15.99 at 2687.21, S&P +1.31 at 1527.06:
[BRIEFING.COM] Today’s session has been marked with measured optimism as the major indices have remained resilient to selling efforts in the wake of last week’s huge run.
…Fellow Dow component General Motors (GM 35.06, +0.12) has been another story stock today due to unfolding developments in its contract negotiations with the UAW. Previously, it was noted that meaningful progress had been made between the two parties in their negotiations, particularly on the matter of retiree health care. The UAW, nonetheless, set an 11:00 ET strike deadline today.
Apparently, final agreement on all relevant matters, such as the amount of cash bonuses for workers ratifying the deal, has not been reached. A short time ago the Detroit News indicated that the UAW launched a nationwide strike at GM plants…

Now, my little blonde brain interprets that as:

GM also needs to pay for my vote.

Did I miss something?

2 Responses to “Are Y’All Reading This”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Hey, it works for Congress, why not the UAW?

  2. memomachine says:

    GM is either going to have to eliminate the unions completely or it’s going to die. Period.
    The problem with unions is that they’re generally out for themselves regardless of costs. Which is one reason why education in America stinks, the teachers unions.

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