Are You Allowed to Actually Say ‘BREAST

…to these misogynistic assholes*?

US First Lady Laura Bush arrived in Kuwait on Wednesday, her third stop in a Middle East tour aimed at promoting awareness of breast cancer and restoring Washington’s image in the region.
Bush’s plane landed at an air base north of Kuwait City, where she was received by Education Minister Nuriya al-Sebih, the only female member of the cabinet.

I was thinking how droll the whole campaign is ~ chattering at people who don’t allow women to be SEEN (Period!) by doctors and who don’t allow women to BE doctors, so maybe something could be seen. Makes diagnosis damn near impossible.
As far as the protests about ‘why DOESN’T she SAY something‘, I think her outfit says it all, frankly.
A vision of American ‘BITE me’ in an uncovered head, perfect make-up and PANTS suit. You’ll remember the notable suck-up who wasn’t as courageous.

*Anything who can CHOOSE whether or not to wear a caftan while their women are FORCED to wear a carpet.

12 Responses to “Are You Allowed to Actually Say ‘BREAST‘”

  1. Skyler says:

    I can’t tell what your point is. Are you angry at Laura Bush for posing with pac man characters? Or are you proud of Pelosi for covering her hair? Help me out here.

  2. ::sigh:: I’m glad she went. Little Green Footballs, etc. is pissed she went and didn’t say ‘how you treat your women is completely fucked up’. My point is that her appearance is a direct reproof and I’ll be very surprised if it made TV there. The WHOLE picture (LGF link) ~ I could only find headshots.
    And in my darkest heart of hearts, I hope she said ‘BREAST’ loudly a thousand times and whipped out a chest diagram to wave in public just as often.

  3. The_Real_JeffS says:

    My point is that her appearance is a direct reproof and I’ll be very surprised if it made TV there.
    Yeah, I was puzzled by LGF’s rant. Actions speak louder than words, that’s for sure, and Mrs. Bush appearing in western (as in “non-Middle Eastern”) dress on UAE TV should have sent a very LOUD AND CLEAR message to the UAE. I’m betting that most of the Arab women got the message, can’t say about the men.
    And the silly thing about those Arab countries is their blatant hypocrisy on this matter. In some parts of the cities, women in Western dress is a common sight, although it tends to be western women in western dress.
    Or a lot of Arabs exchange their traditional clothing for western wear during flights heading out of the Middle East….and back into traditional clothing when returning home.

  4. Skyler says:

    Thanks, ths. It’s clear now.
    Laura Bush is a very nice lady. I can’t imagine anyone sayiing bad things about her.

  5. Gunslinger says:

    Indeed THS, you make an excellent point. To our society it may not seem like much
    but to them it probably was a significant shot across the bow.

  6. …I’m betting that most of the Arab women got the message…
    That’s the biggest shame and hugest injustice of the situation, Jeff, to wit: So what if they did?

  7. NUTHIN’.
    That’s ‘what’.

  8. The_Real_JeffS says:

    True enough, Sis. Next time, Laura can just drape herself in a rug, and be part of the collective for a few days, eh? Pelosi and her headscarf, indeed!

  9. memomachine says:

    Ok now for some ground rules!
    1. Do NOT write “breast” without including a picture of one. This violates all known bounds of decency.
    2. Do NOT include the word “breast” and a picture of Nancy Pelosi.
    That’s just wrong.
    3. I am this ” close to complaining to the guy upstairs about this. And why do I know God is a guy?
    A. Beer
    B. Women
    C. Sports
    D. Breasts
    E. Cars
    F. Men don’t wear cosmetics
    G. Men don’t menstruate
    H. Men don’t get pregnant for 9 months and then have to experience birth a la “Alien”.
    I. Men’s fashions hardly change. The shirt I bought 15 years ago is still in fashion.
    J. Women give men points for taking a bath. As in “He’s short, fat, bald and ugly, but at least he’s clean eh?”.
    *shrug* God is a guy, and he loves us. 🙂

  10. Skyler says:

    Laura succumbed and posed for pictures in a hijab.
    I’m mortified.

  11. I know. I’m so disgusted I couldn’t even post on it. GOD.

  12. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Yeah, I read about it at Hot Air. Yay, the misogynists got their way after all.

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