Are You Kidding Me?

How the hell can Biden get away with this?

(via Ace’s)

8 Responses to “Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. aelfheld says:

    He’s a Democrat.

  2. aelfheld says:

    That throughout the history of their party it is Democrats who’ve put people in chains of servitude or dependency is of no moment. They’re never called on it by our ever so objective media.

  3. Syd B. says:

    When he said, “he’s gonna put y’all back in chains”, the black guy behind him made a bee-line for the door.

  4. BlackDog says:

    If the Entire Universe needed a colonic, it would be inserted in Biden.

  5. currently says:

    I think he’s trying to get himself removed as the VP so he doesn’t have to debate Paul Ryan.

    Makes sense to me.

  6. Michael Lonie says:

    The “moderator” of the VP debate will be a foreign afairs jurnalist. I can see the questions now.

    “Mr. Biden, what are the different qualities of hair plugs in France versus the USA?”

    “Mr. Ryan, who is the President of Uzbekistan?”

    If she doesn’t ask anyhthing about the economy (and I’ll bet she doesn’t), Ryan should answer her questions the way Sir Humphrey Appleby recommended in “Yes, Prime Minister,” change the question to something you do want to answer.

    “Of course it’s important to know the names of foreign leaders, but we should note that the Obama Administratiion has devastated the economy. This problem has important implications for foreign policy. Without a strong economy, and overburdened with an enormous national debt, the country wields much less influence around the world. Mr. Obama has failed in so many of his ventures into foreign policy [here list several] in large part because of the atrocious mess he has made of the economy. It has weakened his leverage in negotiations and influence with other nations.”

  7. aelfheld says:

    Michael, I think it will go more like this:

    Mr. Biden, what is your favourite colour?

    Mr. Ryan, what is the capital of Assyria?

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