Argh. ‘Tis a Fine Tide t’ Talk Like an Auld Sea Dog

An’ ya will er I’ll be splitting ye from yer skippers ta ye jacks. Avast scurvy dogs! How many leagues to me grog-filled Skull & Scuppers? Me mate,ol Rumpot, wants to swill a pint or two of grog afore we mans the braces! Use them Anglais ta Pirate translators I be wavin’ so ye’ll have a foggy fer the Swilling presented to yer honours…in PIRATE. A wee sample ta tickle yer grey matter.

…”Muslims be havin’ all this while felt oppressed, an’ th’ statement by th’ pope sayin’ he be sorry about th’ angry reaction be inadequate t’ calm th’ anger — more so on accoun’ o’ he be th’ highest leader o’ th’ Vatican,” Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar spake.
….”This has gravely hurt th’ feelings o’ th’ Muslims across th’ world, includin’ them from China,” Chen Guangyuan, president o’ Islamic Association o’ China, be quoted as sayin’ in an interview wi’ th’ Xinhua news agency.
…”We be lily livered,” spake Sonia Kobatazi, a Christian Lebanese…

When Muslims get “gravely hurt feelings”, they usually ‘gravely hurt’ swabbies aft. – Posted by tree huggin’ lassie

Aye ~ that the Muslim horn swollgin’ scallywags do.


2 Responses to “Argh. ‘Tis a Fine Tide t’ Talk Like an Auld Sea Dog”

  1. John says:

    Keep talkin’ like that and I’m going to sic the squids on ya.

  2. Kcruella says:

    Has THS been sniffing a lot of paint fumes lately?

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