As Much as I Despise Joe Screw Your Borough

I’m with him on this one.

Scarborough: D.C.’s dark underbelly exposed
Joe Scarborough and Mark Foley entered Congress together in 1994
…Reading the first set of e-mails made me uneasy. My friends and I who knew Mark got on the phone and asked why he would ask a high school kid for a picture. Friday afternoon I saw the instant messages he sent to another student and realized that Mark was in big trouble.
But he is not alone.
Where was the Republican leadership over the past year? They knew of Mark’s inappropriate e-mails to a former page but never informed Democratic leaders so they could warn those pages they had brought to Washington.
How could the Speaker of the House not remember being told by the Chairman of the Republican Congressional Committee that Foley had been confronted with his inappropriate e-mails to a male intern? Does this happen so often in Congress that it was no big deal to Denny Hastert?
The fact that Republicans allowed Mark Foley to continue as Chairman of the Committee on Missing and Exploited Children is terrible. The fact that they let him lead the charge on a bill to stop the exploitation of minors on the Internet is unpardonable.

My only beef with his point of view is letting Democrats know so they could “warn” their pages. How ’bout you expose and expulse the SOB? How ’bout you show zero tolerance for such behaviour?
THAT’s the problem with this whole mess.

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