As Much as We Despise Mack Brown

…Geaux, Tex-a$$.

And we LOVE this guy…

9 Responses to “As Much as We Despise Mack Brown”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Hey, my boys are up 31-10 with 10 left to go

  2. Ken Summers says:

    Oops. Mistyped. 31-23 with 10 minutes (now 9 and change) to go

  3. Nightfly says:

    Not to be, Ken. The story is here.
    BTW, this was an incredible game. And Keith Jackson rules.

  4. Rob says:

    It was a fun game in spite of the horrendous, horrendous officiating. That crew was too indecisive and too wrong most of the time. I didn’t care much about either team but I once shared tree hugging sister’s dislike of Mack Brown (He coached in New Orleans at Tulane before moving on to North Carolina). I’m more ambivalent towards him now.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    Man, a great great second half! Now I’ll have to figure out a way to take a nap at work…

  6. Ken Summers says:

    Yeah, Fly, I heard that this morning. Congrats to Texas for pulling it out.

  7. Lisa says:

    I love it. Texas had been TOTALLY IGNORED by SportsCenter for the past month and then when Vince Young — rightly — pointed it out, Chris Fowler was all, “We weren’t DISRESPECTING Texas, we were RESPECTING USC.” Yeah, whatEVER, you pompous twit. Where was Top 25 Teams of All Time v. TEXAS, jerkwad?
    ESPN put all their eggs in the USC basket, and Vince Young smeared them all over their faces.
    LOVE. IT.

  8. Ditto that, Lisa.
    And Diptera, you are so dead on about Keith Jackson! I ADORE the man. And who else could call a game like him? NObody. And he’s so funny ~ when they were reporting on the Texass players’ problems with cramps early in the game, Holly Rowe said “…massaged their legs and get Gatorade into them…”. You heard Dan Fouts snark “Gatorade, huh?” and Jackson started to chortle, adding “Well, it works!” I was rolling.

    One of the best commercials of 2002, “Origins” told the evolutionary story of the well-known sports drink. Sequels often bomb, but not “Origins 2.” Keith Jackson is back to narrate the tale of the 1970 Kansas City Chiefs. “In 1969, the legend of Gatorade embarked on an historic journey from the swamps of Gainesville to the battle-hardened turf of the NFL,” Jackson says. “The baby-back ribs weren’t the only thing getting basted in the heat of Kansas City.” Former Chiefs Len Dawson, E.J. Holub and Hank Stram (nice hair, Hank) explain how Gatorade helped the Chiefs win Super Bowl IV. “From boys to men, from one generation to the next, the game never ends,” says Jackson. “And the legend continues.” Sure does. Best Spots thinks Keith Jackson should be the next governor of California.

    I don’t think so, because then he wouldn’t have time to call games.

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