As Promised, a Tropical Storm Debby Pensacola Post Card

Taken from our favoritest Johnson’s Beach at beautiful Gulf Islands National Seashore ~ about 8 miles from the house.

We were gassing up as well. Banglacolians take NO chances, considering most of our petrol is barged in.
Top it OFF, baby.

They don’t want you in the water, seems like. O_o

Whole island came out to see the waves and the overwash is already impressive.

Beach baby, beach baby, gimme your hand…

CowaBUNGA! Surf’s UP!

Churn, baby, churn. Now we sit and see if the rain comes.


ths update: 5 p.m. track has it going in Appalachicola, but that’s a big mofo cone. I’ll just stick with my Ebola updates. He’s the best weatherman eh-vah.

12 Responses to “As Promised, a Tropical Storm Debby Pensacola Post Card”

  1. Kathy Kinsley says:

    If you are looking at the 5pm this day. That’s not a cone. That’s a blooming CIRCLE. It’s a “we don’t have the foggiest notion (and believe me, I had to reprase this for possible under-13 readers) where Debby Darlin’ is going next.”

    Sigh – and of course that gives every last meteorologist in the area carte-blanche to tell everyone in their tv/radio area that “THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!” Sigh

    Stay safe. But keep in mind that even down here (and we’re now south of her), the media is having hysterics. And not about the actual danger, which is excessive rain and flooding – just about “OMG it’s a TS (not a THS-which is far more dangerous 😉 ) and it might become a (gasp, faint, “emo” all over the place) hurricane! Which has a .001% chance of hitting us!


  2. Kathy Kinsley says:

    oh crud – I missed closing my link – hope that did it.

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    Fixed it for ya! And it IS a big circle..JERK, bwahahaha!

    (Clever girl! Come to think of it, I should have my own flag…)

    We’re blustery at the moment, with Debby’s black cloud bank sitting due east of here glowering at us.

    As for “emo”, I bought dessert at Publix. To help deal with the stress and all. 🙂

  4. leelu says:

    No “cowabunga” – waves got no shape.

  5. leelu says:

    …and who is old guy in hat??

  6. Kate P says:

    Current unfortunate phrase on “Debby Pounds Florida.” (Weather people can be so dirty.) I hope you’re not too soggy and your power stays on!

  7. currently says:

    It’s a dud.

    We got hardly any rain in Gulf Breeze.

    Just looked at the radar and poof – it’s gone.

  8. major dad says:

    You mean the middle aged stud leelu?

  9. tree hugging sister says:

    I saw the dry air intrained about 9 p.m., currently and started thinking “hmmm”, so stayed up ’til about 11:30 to read the children arguing on WU as it evaporated. They’re good about imbedding links as they spitball each other.

    Besides my studmuffinly major dad’s portrait ( HAH! You’re in TROU- BLE 🙂 ), that’s as ‘cowabunga’ as we get here on the Gulf, leelu. Having lived a few miles from The Wedge in Newport Beach, CA, I know what a real one looks like, but these are big time surf for our guys.

  10. skh.pcola says:

    We got about 15 minutes of rain yesterday up here in Milton and light winds. Looking nice today though. Why was the flag at half-staff yesterday? I don’t remember anybody important kicking the bucket.

  11. tree hugging sister says:

    (I was WONDERIN’ where you hailed from!) We got a fine, misty, ‘get your coat saturated’ rain at the commissary and that was it for yesterday, skh. And the half-mast flag was for the poor ranger at Mt. Rainier who slid 4000 feet to his death trying to rescue those folks a couple days ago. GHASTLY.

  12. leelu says:

    Maj. Dad,

    As I suspected. And I stand corrected…

    THS, ahhhh, the Wedge.

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