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Rush-hour road pricing on the way say experts
A major push to impose road tolls at rush hours and on congested routes is on the cards.
Plans for drivers to pay for every mile driven at peak times or on traffic pinch points are set to be backed by a study commissioned by Chancellor Gordon Brown.
Government research has previously suggested a fee of up to £1.34 per mile would be needed to reduce congestion on main routes into London.
Other studies have proposed charges ranging from 2p per mile minimum to £2 per mile on badly clogged main roads.

…would certainly reduce congestion, because those who have no public transportation to their place of employment couldn’t afford to work anyway.

I live in south east london but work in south west london. There is no reliable alternative for me other than the car. if this road pricing comes in at £1.30 as is being suggested I will have a number of choices.
1)give up work as I would be working to pay road tolls. at £1.30 it would be £97.00* a day for me.

*Currently $184.41 US
“Immigrate to Australia” seems to come up frequently.

3 Responses to “As Someone in the Comments Notes”

  1. No joke: Some California bureaucrats are pushing this kind of “toll”. The reason? Fuel tax receipts are down because of higher mileage standards and higher gasoline prices – people drive less and buy more efficient cars.

  2. ROFL – funny how the desire to move to Australia is becoming a global thing now…

  3. DirtCrashr says:

    They could hire the homeless, put ’em in a Uniform, to walk up to cars stuck in traffic and demand the toll… Hahahaha!!

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