As the Resident Druid

even I’m offended.

The upcoming film “Soul Surfer,” slated for release in April, is based on the true story of spirited teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a 2003 shark attack, but courageously returned to her board and become a champion again months later.

However, it appears as though the uplifting story hit a sour note with the film’s producers where the family’s Christianity was concerned.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the real-life Hamilton family – all devout Christians – were upset to learn that the words “Holy Bible” were digitally removed from the cover of a Bible in a scene featuring Bethany Hamilton’s father Tom reading by his ailing daughter’s hospital bedside.

The DOOOOSHES put it back on the book…eventually.

…Furthermore, Hamilton said that in one scene Carrie Underwood, who plays a spiritual mentor to the group of young Christian surfers, quotes scripture. Some involved with the production were fine with the verse, but didn’t want it known that those words came from the Bible, THR reported.

Excuse me, but WHAT?!?!?!??!

This isn’t some made up Hollywood story, or a reworked, “pulled from the pages of history” tome where you get to jerk the facts around, because the heroine either never existed to begin with, or is long dead.

She’s very much alive, very much one of the most INCREDIBLE individuals EVER to walk the face of God’s earth, and her DEEP and abiding faith in that very God and his only begotten son happen to BE a HUGE and INDISTINGUISHABLE part of that. You CANNOT separate her life, her very survival and triumph, from her faith.

You can’t make her Miley Cyrus.

Thank God.

4 Responses to “As the Resident Druid”

  1. Had it been the Qu’ran, do you think that would have been a problem for Hollywood??


  2. nightfly says:

    The faith that dare not speak its name.

    In a way, though, part of me is grateful that things are this way. The opposition and unfiarness give me excellent chances to hone my debate skills and my patience. Double-bonus – in the end, we will be able to say that our faith meant something; it wasn’t just fashionable or trendy, it cost us something to hold it and live it.

  3. JeffS says:

    Pathetic to the extreme. Hollywood needs to get their heads out of their a$$e$.

  4. Kate P says:

    Your local librarian here–at the very least, that’s PLAGIARISM if they’re not giving credit where credit is due. Dopes.

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