Ashes To Ashes, Dust To…

Pringles? Shockingly, they are suing.

Marcelle Lieberman says she visited the niche that July and her sister visited in fall 2003.
The daughters say they returned to the mausoleum together on June 10, 2004, their father’s birthday, and discovered the potato chip can in their mother’s niche.

And then they commited their mistake:

A locksmith opened the niche and Houston police took custody of the can, which still contained potato chips.

But times are tough at the Houston headquarters…

Wiping his mouth with his sleave, Officer John Garcia of the Houston Police Deptartment said that, unfortunately, “We can’t seem to locate the evidence in this case. Anybody have a quarter I can borrow for the soda machine?”

One Response to “Ashes To Ashes, Dust To…”

  1. Betcha can’t eat just one…??

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