…in Louisville, or so Norah O’Donnell said LAST night.

You can hear how she BITES. OFF. EVERY. SYLLABLE. Grrrr!

“No motive yet,” but you can hear the anticipation building for revealing the WHITE SUPREMACIST RIGHT WING NATIONALIST she knows is going to be behind this despicable, heinous, unhinged attempt on a DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE’S LIFE.

WITH A GUN, no less!

Oh, she wants to spit out “TRUMPERS!!!!” and wave her fist in the air like Charlton Heston on the beach…but she’s holding back ’til the goods are in her han…whut?



“Activist”? RIGHT WING activist, right? That’s how this works…no.


Scribble all this in your notebooks, because this is the LAST TIME you’ll hear about any of it.

Wrong “activists” being active and all.

Old Quintez all up in that “against gun violence” thing though, isn’t he?

Until he wasn’t. I guess he only means WHITE people with guns. Blacks shootin’ and killin’ seem to work for Quintez.

And the Joy Reid anti-gun activist stamp of approval goes to?

Man. Guy’s a gem.

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