Attention FoxNews and AP-IPSO Pollees!!

(Or ANY other polltakers in the near future.) When queried about “would the Democrats do a better job on the economy than the current administration“, please refer to these numbers before stepping blindly into the abyss:

Output at U.S. factories, mines and utilities rose by a bigger-than-expected 0.8 percent in June and capacity use also topped expectations…
…Capacity use rose to 82.4 percent, the highest rate since 82.5 percent in June 2000, the Fed reported on Monday.
Industrial production rose at an annual rate of 6.6 percent in the second quarter, the largest quarterly rise since a 7.7 percent climb in the fourth quarter of 1999.
…Manufacturing output in June rose at 0.7 percent on gains in automotive production, while mining output jumped 1.2 percent and utilities output climbed 0.7 percent.
Manufacturing capacity use was 81.1 percent, the highest since May 2000.

Knowledge is power, children and the answer to the question is “No”.
Wake UP.

2 Responses to “Attention FoxNews and AP-IPSO Pollees!!”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    As a manufacturing engineer who was out of work for more than two years (combined, not all at once) I have to point out some obvious problems with this claim.
    First, the administration has little impact on the economy. The economy is way too complex to ascribe any single source for its vacillations.
    Second, Being the best since May of 2000 is hardly something to be proud of. After May of 2000 is when the economy started to tank, ending up with massive layoffs throughout the country in late 2000 and on into 2001.
    It’s a common misperception that 9/11 ruined the economy. It certainly didn’t help at all, but the economy was already in the toilet before then.
    We are now recovered to about where we were six years ago. I hardly would use that as a bragging point, even if someone could claim the credit.

  2. It’s not a ‘bragging point’, Mike ~ it’s FACT that the general perception is that the economy is STILL in 2000-2002 and it’s NOT. It’s the FACT that this present economy is FAR from “in the toilet” ~ in FACT it’s humming along at an alarming rate and needs to slow down. But the FACT that it IS finally slowing to a sustainable level is reported as only a “slowing economy”, leaving out the part that that’s a good thing. The FACT is that this administration has done pretty damn well in spite of some horrendous, potentially catastrophic, disasterous hands being dealt ~ you can’t minimize 9/11 or Katrina on TOP of inheriting the results of the Clinton economy and it’s “irrational enthusiasm” ~ and MSM fails to include the rest of the story when reporting where we stand now. “Recovered to where we were six years ago” is pretty freakin’ amazing, if you ask me. (“RECOVERED” vibrantly is more like it and just God damned astonishing. Ask the Japanese about economic RECOVERY ~ they’d be dancing in the streets if they looked this good after six years ~and they NEVER took the hits we have.)
    The FACT is we have a pretty strong economy but you’d never guess the average American had a clue, judging by news reports and their answers on these polls. And that’s my point.

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