Attention Safari Users

For some reason Gorezilla and the Blogroll (which is a bitchin’ name for a band) is not showing up in Safari. It does show up in Firefox under OS10. I’ll try to figure out the problem, and any html hints will be most happily received!

11 Responses to “Attention Safari Users”

  1. Jeremy says:

    ::wishes could afford a mac::

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    you could get a mac mini, my young jedi!

  3. Ken Summers says:

    This might mean something to me if I had any idea what “Safari” is.

  4. NJ Sue says:

    It’s the web browser that Apple made for macs, ken.

  5. Crusader says:

    You may try Opera, as it is a decent browser, too.

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    i haven’t tried opera. I do like Firefox. i just wish there was some standards as far as bookmarks go so I wouldn’t lose all of them when I switched browsers. argh.

  7. Crusader says:

    Haven’t used/downloaded Firefox, since I already have IE, Opera and Netscape loaded on the Dell, but I have had no problems with bookmarks. I can import/export them with Opera, so I can use the same ones between browsers. Is this a Mac thing, perhaps? When IE 6 died on me, I ended up using Opera for months, and simply imported the bookmarks from IE, then when I had IE fixed, I moved them back. Opera has its quirks, but what browser does not? I only have Netscape because Ebay won’t let me upload a photo for auctions using Opera.

  8. Mr. Bingley says:

    I would get Firefox and ditch Netscape. Firefox is based on the netscape enginge, it’s faster and more stable, and it will import all of your IE and Netscape bookmarks (my comment above was inreference to Safari). Plus, it’s free.
    How’s the weather down there? We’re leaving here later this afternoon.

  9. Crusader says:

    Very windy, and in the low/mid 50s. The sun is shinign, but not as warm as it looks. Suppose to rain on Sunday, and maybe Saturday.
    Check here for the forcast I go by. They are about the most reliable for Charlotte.
    I only have and use Netscape for when IE is on the fritz, and I am listing ebay auctions. Otherwise, it just takes up harddrive space, so no real reason to add another browser onto my poor Dells back….

  10. Mr. Bingley says:

    I would use firefox and erase IE. A look at the stats here shows that 25% of the people are using Firefox. It will do whatever you’re using netscape for.

  11. Crusader says:

    I know this is heresy, but I like IE. Nothing against Firefox (cool movie, tho), but I may check it out as a backup, and ditch Netscape.

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