Baby, It’s HOT Outside

Okay, well, maybe where YOU live. But here in Bangla-cola, it’s a delightful 75 and the house is wide open. (Just like it was into the beginning of summer, which never happens, mind you.) This after last night’s ABC News doom and gloom report (which had lots of chortle inducing computer screens shots with the infamous ‘hockey stick’). In the global warming fracas, I’m gonna take sides with with Dr. Gray, I think.

…Another problem, Essex said, is in the inability to do controlled experiments – one of science’s key tools.
“There’s only one atmosphere, so you can’t hold everything steady and change just one variable to see what happens,” he said.
Essex offered his critique of the models at a Los Alamos National Laboratory climate conference in Santa Fe in July.
At the end of the presentation, CSU’s Gray jumped up and demanded: “Should we base national policy on these models?
“I’m not touching that,” Essex replied.
And then Essex added: “At every stage of the history of science, there has been some element that was impossible, and we’ve found a way around it. I am sure we will here.”
This did not assuage Bill Gray.
Gray is among the most strident critics, quick to use words like “fraud” or “gang” to describe the modelers.
Instead of model projections, Gray looks at the history and patterns of weather to find trends.
And befitting his 76 years, Gray has a long view. His first report on climate – on the return of the dust bowl – was in the early 1940s when he was in junior high school.
“We’d gone through a warming trend in the ’40s, and everybody was saying we were going to win World War II but face terrible droughts,” Gray said.
Soon after, temperatures went into a cooling trend and by 1975, Gray points out, there was talk of a coming ice age.

Not because I don’t care, or don’t think it could be true, mind you. Just because the guys with thick glasses ~ tweaking and twisting their poor computers over the vagaries of Mother Earth, trying to fit it all into patterns that ALWAYS should work, but somehow never completely do, while discounting observation, history and common sense ~ say so? As one person points out in the article ~ how does that thermometer placed next to the heat holding building affect the REAL temperature reading and all your models? Move it away and recompute.
It’s too iffy to lose our minds just yet. Like I always preach ~ it shouldn’t take global warming to be a good world citizen. major dad and I’ve talked about how $1.25 gal gas would be horrible, because then the country’s back to Ford Excursions instead of driving efficient vehicles for what their NEEDS truly are. From recyling, turning off the lights, the toothbrushing water, etc. on an individual level to power plant emissions, pig poopie run-off, etc. on the industrial side, it ain’t hard and it ain’t rocket scientist. And every little bit makes it better for everyone.
UPDATE: THIS is a great read.

…Finally, a September 15, 2006 Reuters News article claimed that polar bears in the Arctic are threatened with extinction by global warming. The article by correspondent Alister Doyle, quoted a visitor to the Arctic who claims he saw two distressed polar bears. According to the Reuters article, the man noted that “one of [the polar bears] looked to be dead and the other one looked to be exhausted.” The article did not state the bears were actually dead or exhausted, rather that they “looked” that way.
Have we really arrived at the point where major news outlets in the U.S. are reduced to analyzing whether or not polar bears in the Arctic appear restful?

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  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Excellent read on the speech by Senator Inhofe, THS. Thanks for the link!

  2. I live to serve, Jeff. {8^P The LOVELY thing is that the transcript has links to all the data he sites!

  3. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Oh, yes! I’ll be passing this on to friends…..

  4. Raging Mom says:

    “The article did not state the bears were actually dead or exhausted, rather that they “looked” that way.”
    Did the article happen to mention when the polar bear mating season is?

  5. BWAhahahaha!! Very GOOD, Raging Mom! Maybe the question SHOULD have been “did they have a cigarette?”

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