Bad Enough to Be Accused of Stealing as a State Representative

…but stealing from LABOR UNIONS?! That’s a really, really B-A-D idea.

Brian M. McLaughlin, 54, is accused in an indictment of stealing money from several organizations in which he held official positions, according to a statement from federal prosecutors in Manhattan. He and his associates are accused of stealing from labor unions, the state of New York and not-for-profit groups.
…He also is a seven-term Democratic state assemblyman.

A warm Swill salute to the Gateway Pundit for what might be a short-lived story.

2 Responses to “Bad Enough to Be Accused of Stealing as a State Representative”

  1. Tainted Bill says:

    As long as he’s giving the boss his taste, I thought stealing from labor unions was standard operating procedure.

  2. Oh, that’s a point, Bill. If he IS, he better not give the boss UP then.
    That would be bad, too.

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