Bangla-cola, FL

Yup, that’s been us since Ivan. No gas has been a problem for ages, especially before and after storms, as everyone’s learned to top off. But now it’s exacerbated by the poor folks from Biloxi/Gulfport looking to fill up their vehicles and whatever else they can stuff petrol into, to take back with them. You sure as hell can’t begrudge them fuel, but no denying it’s got us teetering even more on the edge here. Our gasoline arrives via trucks or barge, so it’s slow boat to China time for replenishment. To make matters worse, Ebola reports from his side of town that they had to hit two grocery stores yesterday just to get eggs and essentials for the holiday communal breakfast at their apartment. The shelves were stripped. That hasn’t happened on the west side yet. His apt. mate reports that her little eatery is short of fresh veggies and salad fixin’s. The delivery trucks have enough petrol to get here, but none to go back with. No end in sight to any of this, according to the local Lords of the County. If you’ve never had to place Bangla-cola (known, in it’s former halcyonic life, as Pensacola) on a map (back the zoom out), we’re the biggest thing in the middle of nowhere. The favorite saying of us locals, concerning evacuation routes or civilization itself is;

“You can’t get there from here.”

And now there is having a rough time getting here. Pffft. Welcome to the Third World.
Damn, I say that alot anymore.

5 Responses to “Bangla-cola, FL”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    short of fresh veggies and salad fixin’s.
    Ha! All those little organic granola commies are learning the power of preservatives now,, ain’t they?
    All Hail The Twinkie!!!!!

  2. Boy, are you a Yankee, or what?
    LITTLE DEBBIE, in this neck of the woods.
    DON’T post if you DON’T know.
    So THERE!

  3. John says:

    THS, you transplanted Yankee, there is only one Southern snack cake and it is the Moon Pie. I used to know people for whom a moon pie and a Dr. Pepper was lunch. Whoo hoo. Talk about a sugar high.

  4. I know this is heresy, John, but Little Debbie’s version (ripped off, purloined and stolen no doubt) beat them NASTY reg size Moon Pies all to pieces.
    Although I’ll allow I am awfully fond of the chocolate mini-moon pies. Mm, Mm, MMMMMmmm!Use those religiously for our Mardi Gras fetes. (I also bake my own King Cakes and the colored sugar, which makes for especially LURID colors. Yes, that’s me. Domestic dynamo.)

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