Bangla-cola Update: Breaking the Code

This is our CITGO on the corner. After all this time, we’ve finally figured out that this:



For those who don’t live in the Third World, that means ‘no gas’. It also means, after over a YEAR+ of no gas, that they’ve finally broken down and paid for better quality pump covers. It’s been plastic Wal-Mart or Winn Dixie shopping sacs tied around them for the past 13 months. In our defense, our eyeballs are usually scanning for the presence of bags to see whether we can score a tankful. It’s a split second from ‘whoopee’ to careening off the roadway. Around here, the gallon price is secondary.
And now we’re ALL watching the Caribbean, ready to play the ‘top-it-off’ roulette routine.

5 Responses to “Bangla-cola Update: Breaking the Code”

  1. GetALifeAgain says:

    Is that price in the back of the picture $1.50/gallon?

  2. Pffft! I wish. It’s for bottled water.

  3. Rob says:

    You’ll note that the last pump cover somehow will automatically raise the prices of the station across the street.

  4. It’s a weird osmosis thing. I’m not sure science has named it yet.

  5. Cullen says:


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