BAStard !!

The Pequannock school board has nothing on THIS corporate tool.

Dear Wine Lovers of Florida,
Once again, legal, direct-to-consumer wine shipping is being challenged in Florida.
Senator Burt L. Saunders has sponsored Senate Bill 126, which if passed, will impose a complete ban on winery-to-consumer shipments from any winery or wine company producing more than 250,000 gallons, or about 100,000 cases.
The cap applies to a wine company’s aggregate production total, and because some wine companies own several wineries, the bill will remove your ability to purchase wines directly from any of these individual wineries. Many wineries will be affected, and therefore, many wine lovers will be removed from mailing lists, wine clubs, etc.

ACTION: Please personalize and fax the sample letter below to Senator Burt L. Saunders. District Office Fax (239) 417-6223
And fax a copy to Jeremy Benson, Free the Grapes! at fax (707) 254-0433.
If this sounds familiar, it is because Senator Saunders sponsored SB144 in 2006, which also included a production cap. Fortunately, that bill died in committee.
We don’t want you to be suddenly cut-off from your favorite wineries, but we’ll need your help. So please write the Senator today and forward this email to your wine loving friends!
Free the Grapes!
Jeremy Benson
Executive Director
(707) 254-1107

Sample letter in extended section.

Sample Message to Personalize to Senator Saunders
Senator Burt Saunders
District Office
3301 Tamiami Trail
Suite 304
Naples, Florida 34112
Fax (239) 417-6223
Dear Senator Saunders,
As an adult voter of Florida, I strongly urge you to remove the production cap provision in Senate Bill 126.
A cap that bans winery-to-consumer shipments from wineries that produce more than 250,000 gallons is arbitrary, discriminatory, and will likely be challenged in court. Three states (Arizona, Kentucky and Massachusetts) have passed similar laws, and all three are being challenged in court. While these cases wind their way slowly, expensively through the court system, wine lovers in those states are prevented from purchasing wines directly. The effect is a complete shipping ban.
Let’s not let that happen in Florida. I believe that wine lovers like me should be able to purchase directly from any winery, regardless of size. Please don’t put a cap on consumer choice!
Please let me know if you will remove the cap, and if not, provide a legitimate reason for discriminating against a winery based on how many gallons it produces.
Your Name
Street Address
City, FLORIDA Zip Code

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  1. Nightfly says:

    Senator Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto strikes again! Killjoy. Go ride a taxi or something…

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