BBC Puts Their Money Where Their Hearts Are

Well, actually, it’s taxpayers’ money

The BBC paid expenses to a disgraced academic who has pestered families bereaved by the 7/7 bombs, claiming the attacks were an intelligence agency plot.
Nicholas Kollerstrom was recompensed by the corporation for his part in Conspiracy Files, a documentary about theories surrounding the terrorist outrage.
He has admitted he phoned the father of one victim to tell him how he believed the man’s daughter’s body had been planted at the site of the Tavistock Square bus bombing.

What a goddamned scumbag.

Dr Kollerstrom believes the four bombers who murdered 52 people almost three years ago were ‘innocent patsies’, set up by a combination of the British, US and Israeli secret services.

Ah yes, those darn jooooos and their cabals.
Obviously he was carefully vetted by the BBC’s crack research staff, who were most impressed by this bit of his resume:

Dr Kollerstrom was last month stripped of an honorary research fellowship at University College London after it emerged he had written a paper entitled The Auschwitz “Gas Chamber” Illusion on a far-Right website – claiming it was like a holiday camp where inmates sunned themselves by an ‘elegant’ swimming pool and listened to orchestras.

What a vile piece of excrement. I am so disgusted by this “Oh I’m not agreeing with the terrorists but I’m only raising questions because we just don’t know.

Dr Kollerstrom denied he was harassing the bombers’ victims but admitted he was wrong to phone the father of one victim who died at Tavistock Square, to explore his theory that the victim may not have been on the No 30 bus at all.
The ex-academic said: ‘It was wrong to do that but somebody urged me to do it because they said it was vital information. I raised the question ‘”was she on the bus?” and the family were very upset because they are convinced she was on the bus… I just don’t know.
‘It is a possibility this victim was not on the bus and her body was placed besides the wreckage at a later time.’

What weasel crap. Pure and unfiltered.

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  1. There’s a reason “he just needed killin'” is still considered a valid defense in some places.

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