Beauty, Eh?

Arthur Chrenkoff discusses a story from The Great White North, though I suppose one can’t use that melanin-challenged description any more, either:

Canadian Miss Universe Natalie Glebova was forced to take off her official sash at a local festival celebrating Thailand when Toronto authorities invoked a law against sexual stereotyping.
The winner of the international beauty competition held in Bangkok in May, Glebova was to open the festival last weekend sporting her official beauty queen’s regalia.
However, city employees invoked a regulation against activities which degrade men and women through sexual stereotypes or exploit their bodies to attract attention.

Amazing, really, that they pass and enforce laws likes this but have the cojones (or whatever the equivalent is for beavers-oops, more ‘sexual stereotyping’!) to attack the US for being so eeeevuul?
Blech. What do I know. I’m just a stupid redstate guy with a bluestate address.

5 Responses to “Beauty, Eh?”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Thailand? Isn’t Thailand periodically in the news as one of the world’s centers of rampant child prostitution?

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    If by ‘child prostitution’ you mean the place where thousands and thousands of cultured and nuanced Europeans fly to every year on chartered flights to have sex with young children, why yes, indeed, that’s the place.
    Makes me disgusted.

  3. An individual of note

    I don’t know why this caught my eye or even where I first saw it, but it is the ridiculous item of the day.

  4. Miss Universe against law

    Canada allows Gay Marriage, but doesn’t allow Miss Universe to wear her sash. It sounds almost as stupid as people insisting that we treat Muslims with courtesy, and revere their Koran, yet every effort is made to remove any governmental acknowledgem…

  5. Being the local expert on beauty queens, having been Miss Vernon ’74, I have to say I never felt so degraded as when I noticed that the sash, which came with my title and coronet, nicely accentuated my youthful bustline. Damn the filthy pigs that designed the thing. I would have torn it off in disgust, but just then they’d informed me I’d also won an unlimited ski-pass to our local slopes. Ever the pragmatist, I left sash in place, only to be tortured by the poor example I set all these years later. Thank God Toronto is watching out for impressionable people.

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