Between Taliban at Yale, the UNC Traffic Terrorist

…and now these A$$holes

Two college students arrested Wednesday in a string of nine rural Alabama church arsons told authorities that the first fires were set as “a joke” and later blazes were intended as a diversion, federal agents said. A third college student was being sought in the serial arsons.
Benjamin Nathan Moseley and Russell Lee Debusk Jr., both students at Birmingham-Southern College, appeared in federal court Wednesday and were ordered held on church arson charges pending a hearing Friday.
Authorities said they were seeking Matthew Lee Cloyd*, who reportedly is a student at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

…campus life seems to be seriously lacking moral direction.
*MSNBC is reporting they’ve arrested him.

One Response to “Between Taliban at Yale, the UNC Traffic Terrorist”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    A “joke”?
    There’s a fine line, I guess, between humor and potential manslaughter.

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