Bibi’s Speech to the Joint Session

…was a barn burner.

Shame Teh Present missed it.


UPDATE: Home from work, so I can track it down.

And here it is, thanks to Ed and The Right Scoop.

An interesting ~ if inexplicable ~ statistic from Pat Buchanan to ponder:

…In 2008, Obama won the African-American vote 95 to 4, or 16 to 1. He won the Jewish vote 78 to 21, by 57 points, a historic landslide.

The American Jewish voting block has always been reliably Democratic for as long as I can remember and, for the life of me, I CANNOT figure out why. Democrats have been moving inexorably anti-business and anti-Israel since well before THIS child prodigy ascended the throne, and STILL the Jewish vote can be counted for stat.

Folks are saying Obama’s wobbling the boat. I’ll have to see a whole lot less love out of Hollywood to believe that, first.

4 Responses to “Bibi’s Speech to the Joint Session”

  1. nightfly says:

    He was too busy suggesting that the Irish go back to their 1667 borders.

  2. JeffS says:

    O!bambi is thinking more along the lines of, Let’s party like it’s 2008!”

  3. major dad says:

    Hey after all that Guinness he was thinking of the good ole days.

  4. gregor says:

    Sounds like the Hollywood left is eroding… Peter Fonda has maybe seen the light.

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