Big Time Wrestling in a Big Time F*ck-Up

I know it’s all cartoons and staged mayhem with steroid monsters. But ya think maybe there’d have been one braincell left between the lot of them that might have kicked in and whispered “Maybe a three hour tribute to a guy who just murdered his wife and seven year old son is in…questionable taste…maybe. What is your braincell telling you?
Obviously, one braincell ~ in damage control mode ~ is saying “Nobody told us!“. Amazing, when the rest of the country knew. Of course, in true, big time wrestling fashion, the real one/true braincell is saying, “Let’s get that DVD up for sale, ASAP!”

WWE Monday Night Raw Chris Benoit Tribute Show 2007-06-25 XviD-SC-SDH
WWE Monday Night Raw
Chris Benoit Tribute Show
American Bank Center
Corpus Christi, Texas
June 25, 2007
This special Monday Night Raw Chris Benoit Tribute Show is deadicated to the memory of the Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit and his wife Nancy Benoit (Woman) and their son Daniel Benoit who were found dead today in their Atlanta, Georgia area home.
…Rest In Peace Chris Benoit you will never be forgotten and you and Eddie Guerrero
are now together again!!!
June 25, 2007

Rest in the fiery pits of Hell, maybe.

One Response to “Big Time Wrestling in a Big Time F*ck-Up”

  1. Kcruella says:

    I asked a wrestling fan about this whole tribute thing, since my knowledge of pro wrestling is up there w/ my knowledge of Nascar. He told me the tribute was for what he did in the ring not his personal life. So I guess one can literally be a murderer but if you can do bitchin body slam you get a tribute.

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