Blair Jumping Ship?

This is not encouraging:

The first cracks in the united front over Iraq between Tony Blair and President Bush appeared last night as the Prime Minister offered Iran and Syria the prospect of dialogue over the future of Iraq and the Middle East.
Mr Blair said there could be a new “partnership” with Iran if it stopped supporting terrorism in Iraq and gave up its nuclear ambitions. Syria and Iran could choose partnership or isolation, he said.
…Downing Street denied suggestions that Mr Blair was going “cap in hand” to Damascus and Tehran asking for help and insisted that they were being told that they had to make a “strategic choice” between giving up support for terrorism and nuclear ambitions in return for being brought in from the cold.

Hmm. Sadly, it spite of him tying this to Iran’s halting of its support for terrorism and nu-cu-lar designs it looks like Tony’s seen the writing on the US wall and feels he needs to go soft to protect his own position. Let’s face it, no one in Europe will hold a hard line against anyone* in the Middle East, no matter what those countries do; all they need do is say ‘we will consider blahblahblah’ and the Europeasers will shower them with gifts. Spineless batsards. Well, the CarBQs will spread throughout France and the radical Muftis will plan their terror campaigns from the British mosques.
And the ‘best and brightest’ of Europe will keep blaming it all on the Americans and the Jews.
*Well, Israel is of course the exception; the Europeasers always manage to keep attacking them.

One Response to “Blair Jumping Ship?”

  1. Nightfly says:

    Well, us stoopit bloggers get it; it must be too nuanced for the State Department.

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