Blame Bush

Because there are

NO ATOMIC Fireballs*

in Iraq.


And you can blame him FOR:

The West Virginia Coal Miners’ deaths
Provoking the Iraq War
WTC Health Hazards
New Orleans flooding
NOT the 1978 Congress (?)
Undermining China’s North Korean negotiations
(Whew. They tried to blame him, but he gets a break on the flu vacine poll.)
Violating a ‘sacred trust’
Small Businesses
Oil prices
Excessive police force in Jacksonville, Oregon because he skipped his broccoli?
California’s fiduciary missteps.
Newsweek’s ‘Koran in the Potty’ story
The Swift Boat Vets
California’s water problems
The China trade imbalance
Black Hawk Down Oh, WAIT! Wrong Bush.
Afghan prisoner abuse
The London bombings
Failed coup in Venezuela (Like, they couldn’t possibly want Chavez out on their own, right?)
Dirty Florida water
This Guy could use a mug.
Jason at Iraq Now has something else to blame Bush for…you guessed it. The Cheney hunting accident. Sounds good to us!
New MUGS and lousy T-SHIRTS available at Swill Stuff**.

(Production Note: Ebola will be seen modeling it, as usual. Best we could do. He works for beer. In the meantime, a dear family friend has stepped in to help out.)

*Or in Iran…YET

** Designed and printed LOCALLY in Pensacola, FL ~ no CafePress outsourcing cheap communistas here.

If we’ve missed anything YOU PERSONALLY blame Bush for, please! Feel free to add your own catalogue of his insidious infamy and ee-ville intentions in the comments.

PETA DISCLAIMER: NO SCOTTIES were harmed during the making of this mug.

13 Responses to “Blame Bush”

  1. Cullen says:

    I blame Bush for entropy!

  2. I can hear Diptera in my head right now…

    George Bush kills the little pup-pies
    All the little puppies in the world!
    Be they mutts or all pure-bred
    George Bush sneezes ’til they’re dead.
    George Bush hates the little puppies of the world.

  3. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Does Dubya use a blender?

  4. The_Real_JeffS says:

    BTW, recalling this post, can’t you use these models again for the new t-shirt?

  5. We’re on a budget here, Jeff. Would have to double the price of the shirts to even buy Ebola dark beer, less mind hire those…um…assets.

  6. Susanna says:

    Have you seen this? Probably you have, but it’s always worth a read from time to time. You know, so we can all remember whose fault it really is.
    Can I get one of those mugs with my pug on it? If so, I will buy them for my family. hehehehehehe

  7. Susanna says:

    And by “it” I mean “everything that ever happened that’s bad.”

  8. Dave J says:

    Budgets be damned: I second Jeff’s proposal. 😉

  9. The_Real_JeffS says:

    THS, you can have the Coors Twins wearing the t-shirts (the new and old ones) AND drinking from the mug. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!! Should save a few bucks, anyhoo.
    And, y’know, if some of the liquid from the mug just happened to spill onto the front of the t-shirt when the shutter opened, that wouldn’t be a bad thing at all………

  10. Ebola says:

    Mudda, I still want those broads! Get em or suffer my wrath…aka robbing of the kitchen. Hiring them is cheaper, you should know that.

  11. Mr. Bingley says:

    Oh, like you’re not gonna keep raiding the fridge regardless?

  12. Crusader says:

    Oh, like you’re not gonna keep raiding the fridge regardless?

    That’s what I was thinking. Like a couple of bimbos would put an end to that, right……

  13. Ask him about the ‘feed the homeless’ charity bag of boxed goods that went out the door with him last night AFTER he ate dinner here…