Boom, Boom!

Out go the lights.

An explosion, apparently from a bomb-rigged car, rocked Beirut’s seafront Wednesday, killing an anti-Syrian lawmaker and three others, local media reported. The lawmaker, Walid Eido, was the seventh opponent of Damascus to be killed in two years in this conflict-ridden country.
Eido’s son and two bodyguards were also killed in the explosion, according to Future TV, a station allied with anti-Syrian figures. Security officials had reported that the explosion killed four people and wounded 10 others.
A car was in flames and black smoke was seen rising from a narrow street off the main waterfront in Manara, which is in the Muslim sector of the capital. The Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. TV station said the explosion came from a bomb-rigged car, a method that has been used to assassinate opponents of Syria over the past two years.

“Look! Nuthin’ up my sleeve!”

One Response to “Boom, Boom!”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Time for another Dhimmicrat sponsored “dialoge trip” to Syria, methinks. Toss in a couple of idiot Republicans for flavoring.

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