An explanation is emerging for the KILLER PET FOOD NIGHTMARE this past week.

EXCLUSIVE: Rat Poison Believed to Be Source of Some Pet Food Contamination
ABC News has learned that investigators have determined that a rodent-killing chemical is the toxin in the tainted pet food that has killed several animals.
A source close to the investigation tells ABC News that the rodenticide, which the source says is illegal to use in the United States, was on wheat that was imported from China and used by Menu Foods in nearly 100 brands of dog and cat food.

Rat poison’ll do it. Welcome to the global economy.

2 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    WTF? I guess there was a reason why the wheat was so cheap. Hello? USDA?

  2. See, stuff like this is one reason why I’m not an absolutist on free trade.

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