MSNBC is reporting:

President Musharraf vows to crush Islamic extremists in Pakistan

No link yet. You go, guy! Maybe Zawahiri shoulda held off on the “Kill the Pakistani!!” YouTube for a week or so.
Now they’ve just pissed him off.
UPDATE: Got it.

President Gen. Pervez Musharraf vowed on Thursday to crush Islamic extremists in every corner of Pakistan, after the captured chief cleric of the Red Mosque led funeral prayers for his slain brother.
The army crackdown on the radical mosque has raised Musharraf’s standing among moderates and foreign backers worried about rising extremism in Pakistan.

But WHAT kind of whacko move was this?

…Officials released Ghazi’s body directly to his relatives, who carried it to his ancestral village in Punjab province for burial on Thursday.
Captured cleric leads brother’s funeral
Police escorted Aziz, who was caught during the eight-day siege while trying to flee disguised as a woman, to Basti Abdullah so that he could lead the prayers at his brother’s funeral at a seminary set up by his father.

I’m not too sure about that. I like our “you shoot up the government, you don’t get out for the funeral” way of handling men in girls’ clothing here. EsPECIALLY when you know he’s just going to run his mouth ~ WHY give him the platform?
These people are strange.

5 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS”

  1. doriangrey says:

    WHY give him the platform?
    Maybe Musharraf just wants an excuse to shoot the bastard?

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    That was pretty stupid on the part of Musharraf. The mind boggles…..a frequent occurence of late.

  3. One can only hope he actually follows up on it. If he does, look for the moonbats to scream about human rights violations, geneva, and shit.

  4. Tainted Bill says:

    I just hope thazt Musharraf wins this, I wouldn’t want the Red Mosque types in charge of Pakistan’s nukes.

  5. mojo says:

    The day that the Islamists take over is the day their nuke capability gets forcibly removed, Bill. Guaranteed.

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