Big bombs go off in a hotel in Amman Jordan.
The Grand Hyatt, the Radisson and the Day’s Inn in near simultaneous attacks.
According to the expert on Fox right now, those hotels (esp. the Hyatt) are used for high ranking Israeli visitors, the int’l press, Iraqi diplomats and have been a target of al-Zarqawi’s before. At least 12 dead so far.

UPDATE: Three explosions, one at each hotel. They’re located in a geographic triangle and the explosions WERE simultaneous. AP saying the first bomb shattered the Grand Hyatt’s stone entrance, Reuter’s saying the Radisson blast caused by a bomb in a false ceiling.
UPDATE DEUX: Ah. King Abdullah is on his way to the U.S. for meetings. Jordanian news service Petra saying it was suicide bombers.
They(reporters) are saying that Jordan was the place you thought you could let your guard down.
4:30 CST round-up: Fox saying 53 dead, 2 suicide bombers (one who walked into a wedding/Radisson) and one car bomber who couldn’t get past the security, so lit it off outside (“A third explosion was reported at the Days Inn Hotel. Muasher said a car packed with explosives approached the hotel but could not cross a protective barrier, so it detonated outside.). Reuters here. The borders are closed and one can assuredly assume there’s one whale of a man-hunt in progress. AP latest here.
CONTINUED: MSNBC has the death toll at 57, with hundreds injured and a brief reminder that this is not the only attack lately…

Second attack in months
This is the second attack in Jordan in the last three months. Attackers fired three rockets at a U.S. assault ship docked at the Red Sea resort of Aqaba in August, missing the ship but killing a Jordanian soldier. It was the most serious attack on the U.S. Navy by militants since the USS Cole was bombed in 2000. Two Syrians and an Iraqi were captured during those attacks.

Fox correspondants in the area were also noting that once one went off the beaten path in Amman, it was common to have stones, etc. thrown at your taxi as it went by.

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  1. Nightfly says:

    Keeping an eye on it here at work.
    I’m thinking of a dear, deluded friend who told me a few weeks ago that there was no military solution to terrorism. I told him that the terrorists had failed to get his memo.
    The intifada spreads apace.

  2. The Tar Pit says:

    Al Qaeda homicide bombers hit Hashemite Jordan

    Arutz Sheva:
    An organization associated with the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization published on an internet site that it was behind the attacks.

  3. T. Longren says:

    Hotel Suicide Bombings in Jordan

    Threee hotels in Amman, Jordan were the target of suicide bombers today. 23 people are known to have died while 120 people were injured. The hotels were popular among Israeli and Western toursits.
    AMMAN (Reuters) – At least 23 people were killed an…

  4. Carnage in Jordan

    The death toll is still being tallied, but it is a grim situation in Amman, Jordan as three bombs went off at hotels throughout the city…The death toll in the carnage is now up to 57…

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