BREAKING NEWS: Drudge and the AP

are reporting

Plane Lands in Italy After Bomb Report
A British passenger plane requested an emergency landing in Brindisi on Friday because of a suspected bomb on board, Italy’s air traffic agency said. The plane, a Boeing 767 with the Excel air carrier, had left from London’s Gatwick airport and was bound for Hurghada, Egypt, officials said.

If it’s true, Ryanair is gonna look pretty feckin’ stupid for this

Ryanair Threatens to Sue British Government After Mid-Air Terror Scare
Budget airline Ryanair Holdings PLC threatened to take legal action against the British government unless it meets three demands for relaxing airport security and improving staffing at overstretched airports within the next seven days.

(In all honesty ~ I think they already do.)
UPDATE: A little more info.

A bomb threat scrawled on a sick bag caused a British passenger plane from London to Egypt to be diverted to southern Italy on Friday, but police said it appeared to be a hoax.
“The alarm has been called off,” said Brindisi border police chief Salvatore de Paolis.

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