British Biscuits

…made by Kraft? Reminds me of one of my favoritest songs:

When Biscuits Go Wrong
…I thought to run a biscuit shop
You had to be a biscuit purist
And that such a man could never run
a biscuit fraud on tourists.
And then O! Tragedy of Tragedies!
My tears came down in streams.
Coz what I thought were Mango Biscuits
Nothing more than custard creams.

5 Responses to “British Biscuits”

  1. Kathy K says:

    Kraft makes marmite too…

  2. I hate to ask this Kathy, but…I’m compelled. Have you tasted ‘marmite’? I could never bring myself to ~ about as unappetizing a name as ‘Miracle Whip’.

  3. Oh, dear God ~ I’m FOR SURE not trying it now.

    One contributor to the “I love Marmite” Web site has this suggestion: “Eat it on raw spaghetti. It’s true! Dip raw spaghetti in Marmite and then eat; it tastes just like Twiglets.”

    …In some neighborhoods it is (apparently!) common for nursing mothers to dab a little on their nipples before feeding their infants.

  4. (Research leads me to believe Unilever makes ‘Marmite’ and Kraft makes ‘Vegamite’? All revolting names, of course.)

  5. Dave J says:

    Isn’t Kraft itself owned by RJ Reynolds, i.e EEEEVIL BIG TOBACCO?! Or was it spun off at some point?

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