Buddy, Can You Spare a Chicken?

A Swilling All Points Bulletin

Watch out for Big Bull. He and all his friends are on the prowl.
Big Bull is more than 15 feet long and he could be running with his buddies, Whitey, a near-albino, and another named One Eye Willie.

They’re escapees from the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch & Tours, who hot four footed it out when Katrina’s storm surge flooded their enclosures. Not being your ‘swamp’ kinda gator, who’re used to finding their own edible critters, they could be hungry.

Gary Casper, a nuisance alligator control agent…said the ranch alligators associate food with people because Adams fed them, and the animals may approach humans for a handout.

If there’s a knock at your door, use the peephole.

7 Responses to “Buddy, Can You Spare a Chicken?”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Briefcase on the hoof?

  2. Nightfly says:

    I read about this in Last Call the other day – “Whitey preys on the Black Man.”

  3. Dave E says:

    Knock knock
    “Who is it?”

  4. Oh my Gawd, Dave! We use that ALL the time!!
    knock knock
    “Who is it?”
    “The plumber! I’ve come to fix the sink!”
    Always better than “Land Shark!!” for an answer…

  5. Dave J says:

    Candy-gram. 😉

  6. The_Real_JeffS says:


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