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…of Hezbollah rocket attacks, Israel whomping on southern Lebanon and Condoleeza Rice talking about “peace” was this tiny tidbit of an afterthought ~ the merest ‘oh, by the way..’ ~ filed under “other developments“.

• Hezbollah mortars struck the U.N. headquarters at Henniye, Lebanon, wounding three Chinese U.N. peacekeepers, said UNIFIL spokesman Milos Strugar.

Where’s the corresponding WaPo headline like this…

Israeli Airstrike Hits U.N. Outpost
4 Observers Killed; Olmert Pledges to Allow Lebanon Aid

… when Israel hit an outpost surrounded by Hezbollah mobile rocket launchers? Hezbollah can hit the U.N. HEADQUARTERS and it only rates a note?!
More importantly, Kofi piped up yet? Outrage anyone?
UPDATE: Attitude wise, I was right. The reporter in Lebanon for NBC’s Nightly News actually mentioned it, saying “…U.N. Headquarters was hit by a Hezbollah rocket that fell short…”
MONDAY UPDATE and bump: CBS News has a Sunday Israel/Lebanon roundup with no mention of Hezbollah rockets hitting the U.N. headquarters. There should be a Reuter’s photo appearing any time now.

13 Responses to “Buried Waaay Down This Page”

  1. That 1 Guy says:

    Hezbollah? Hit a UN building? Oh, no. That can’t be possible.
    Maybe Kofi was visiting. Hopefully…

  2. I’m sure it was all a big mistake. Hezbollah would never target their bestest buddies. Just like everyone knows Israel meant to do it.

  3. John says:

    Chinese peacekeepers? Isn’t that like a Halal pork BBQ sanwich?

  4. Lord Farkington says:

    Maybe the reporting has something to do with the fact that Hezbollah wasn’t… you know… aiming at any UN buildings.

    Hezbollah’s mortars and rockets don’t have quite the precision of Israel’s American made guided munitions.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    No, that’s right. Poor Hezbollucks can’t really aim…which hasn’t stopped them from firing off 10,000 rockets. Heck, maybe one or two might hit an Israeli soldier! No crime there!

  6. Schmaybe. And by the same token, no one (except Kofi Annan, et al) said Israel was.
    ‘Precision’ only means that when pointed in the right direction, it has a very, very good chance of hitting precisely what it was pointed at. There’s a lot that can go wrong in the course of executing the sentence I just typed. Let’s take the “pointing” part first ~ that’s only as accurate as the fellow with the laser (who is human, after all) and bombs don’t fall on a dime, they fall within a designated area of that point thanks to variables over which there are no control. Any hit within that area is a ‘direct’ hit. They could well have been trying to hit an emplaced rocket launcher close by, which is a strategy Hezbollah is famous for. Just like parking them in neighborhoods.
    If you can believe Hezbollah would never target the U.N., why is it SO easy to believe Israel would? To what purpose?
    And welcome to the Swilling by the way!

  7. After checking with my sources in Lebanon, I was alerted to the fact that Hezbollah’s rocket/mortar didn’t actually kill anyone.

    How this changes the comparison to Israel’s airstrike which killed 4 UN observers requires further study.

    As for you, my tree hugging sister, it is “SO easy to believe Israel would” target the UN because the Israeli’s admitted to doing so (for the purposes of killing militants in the area).

    Also, based on Mr. Bingley‘s astute commentary, I will have to further investigate the differences between a distributed network of guerilla fighters and a well trained & equipped modern army.

    P.S. tree hugging sister: even though neither of the attacks in question used laser targeted munitions, you obviously have no clue how they work. It really isn’t that hard to aim a laser.

  8. Hmmm. My 12 1/2 years in the Marine Corps working on an aircraft that fired LASER GUIDED MUNITIONS, as well as bombing range experience with the results of said LASER GUIDED MUNITIONS, as well as instructing those who would use and repair LASER GUIDED MUNITIONS versus you, your sources in Lebanon and…Wikipedia.
    We’ll call you the subject matter expert, for sure.

  9. To Whom the Media Pays Attention

    This is interesting: Israel hits a UN post and make the frontpage. Hezbollah hits UN headquarters, and all you hear are crickets.

  10. word to your mother says:

    Hezbollah : retards who think they can win favor by killing people at random with grossly inaccurate weapons, whose negligence results in countless civilian (and now UN) casualties.
    Israel : retards who think there’s nothing wrong with dropping 500 lb bombs (or lobbing high-yeild artillery) on a building known to be full of civilians (and UN troops), becuase they’re pretty sure a militant is in there too.
    UN : retards who think that just because their uniforms say “UN” on them, everybody will take great care making sure their weapons stay clear of them, even though they’re sitting in the dead center of a war zone.
    US : retards who insist that one side or the other is “right”, claiming the moral high ground, while dropping bombs on seemingly anyone for seemingly any reason.
    Israel is disgracing themselves. As are we. As are the Hezbollah.

  11. Mr. Bingley says:

    Er, so by your careful analysis we’re all retards.
    Well, i guess we’ll have to aggree to disagree then.

  12. Matt says:

    why is everyone blaming Israel?
    If some group, terrorist, muslim, or whatever parked themselves across the canadian border and started shooting rockets our way, guided or not, the US would roll up there and wipe them out in a day and would have the right to do so, regardless what the rest of the world said.
    And canada couldn’t say a word either because they either didn’t or couldn’t stop it from happening.
    think about it, why did lebanon wait so long to deploy their army to stop hezbollah?
    If they were that concerned about their country getting leveled, seemed like they would have did all they could to stop hezbollah from beginning it, instead they wait 34 days to finally say ok, now that the UN is involved, let’s try to stop it.
    Where were you 900 civilians ago lebanon? where were your troops protecting your civilians?
    I’m with Israel on this one folks with the rules being “If you can’t stop people in your country from shooting rockets at your neighbors, don’t be surprised when your neighbors shoot back”

  13. “If you can’t stop people in your country from shooting rockets at your neighbors, don’t be surprised when your neighbors shoot back”
    Oh, bravo, Matt!

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