“”But I Like It,” She Said”

POP quiz! Is this salacious quote:

A) an affirmation of results promised via a message subject line in my SPAM folder?

B) the noise Bingley makes while caressing his errant yet upright…Weber?

C) ths cooing while ogling photos of a youthful David Hasselhoff? [ths ed: It’s RESEARCH, people!]

D) Nancy Pelosi petting her sundry swamp creatures for not peeing on the House carpet?

You’re right. It’s “D” for five hundred, Alex.


One Response to ““”But I Like It,” She Said””

  1. JeffS says:

    Sigh. I’d would have been happier if it was “C”. And that’s says a whole bunch.

    Pitchforks, anyone?

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