But If We Were in a Pitched Battle Against Pernicious Cuniculi

…I’m sure he’d feel differently.

Former President Carter, who helped broker the historic Camp David peace accord, said President Bush has pursued an “erroneous policy” that has fostered violence in the Middle East.

…”In my opinion, maybe the worst ally Israel has had in Washington has been the George W. Bush administration, which hasn’t worked to bring a permanent peace to Israel,” Carter told the newspaper.
…”In my opinion, we should make every effort now to withdraw American troops from Iraq,” Carter said. “I would say certainly begin a major withdrawal no later than the end of this year.”

Jeez louise. Who voted for this guy? Would any sane person admit they had now?

3 Responses to “But If We Were in a Pitched Battle Against Pernicious Cuniculi”

  1. nobrainer says:

    I have the advantage of having not been born.
    Although my brother, at 4 months of age, may have accidentally pulled the wrong lever.

  2. A likely story. Fax me your birth certificate and your brother’s. Our crack team of forensic document examiners will prove who did it.
    A CBS/al-Reuters Producer

  3. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Don’t blame me — that was the first time I voted for President, and my choice was NOT Jimmuh Cartuh.

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