But It Doesn’t Hurt

…to gauge how the wind blows ~ dip your toe in the Big Muddy, so to speak ~ float the thought.

“From a pure business model, if I was just a cold-hearted businessman the decision would be pretty easy but I’ve got to make the decision based on my head and my heart. I really do. I think it’s very important to use good judgment. And if the state’s willing to protect us, make sure we don’t get hit hard, I’ll ride it out.
However, Shinn said he doesn’t think that Louisiana should offer to write the Hornets a check to ensure their financial success.

He’s talking about how he’d say yes, like, if Louisiana wants to bail out his sucky basketball team.

“I don’t think they should do that because to me there are more important things to get done than having a basketball team. I think they’ve got to get the families back first and then worry about a basketball team,” Shinn said. “That’s my opinion, but I’m not one of the politicians in Louisiana.

Oh, but you as smooth as any of ’em, cher.

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