“But, Officer! I Only Have Cake on the Weekends!”

Sister, put the knife down and step aWAY from the slice.
Jeez, I really, REALLY hate these guys.

Then They Came for the Fresca
The growing ambitions of the food police.

…Liberals like to talk about a Republican war on science, but it turns out that they’re just as willing to bend facts. In wars of piety, science has no friends.

4 Responses to ““But, Officer! I Only Have Cake on the Weekends!””

  1. Yeah, and just wait until some militan vegan idiot gets appointed.

  2. ricki says:

    And did you hear? Supposedly Bloomberg doesn’t follow the rules he wants to foist on everyone else – he even puts salt on saltine crackers.

    I’m not sure which irritates me more – that these people want to micromanage every aspect of my life, or that they are such hypocrites about it, telling me what I cannot have while continuing to enjoy “sinful” foods themselves.

  3. Oh, that one’s beautiful, Ricki. That’s the kind of arrogant hypocrisy shown by Gorezilla when he made a global warmmongering speech while his entourage sat outside in several SUVs with the engines running for the air conditioning.

  4. ricki says:

    Now I’m thinking of “Jam yesterday and jam tomorrow, but never jam today” from Alice in Wonderland.

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