Cabs in the City Are Expensive

And getting more so. What a surprise.

A New York minute just got a lot more expensive.
That’s because the Taxi and Limousine Commission yesterday doubled the cost of being stuck in traffic in a cab.
Riders now pay 20 cents a minute for “wait time” – a price that hasn’t changed in 16 years – but yesterday, officials voted unanimously to raise the rate to 40 cents a minute at a meeting in TLC headquarters.
Adding insult to injury, the wait-time rate will now click in when a cab starts going less than 12 miles per hour. Currently, the rate takes effect at under 6 mph.

What WAS the surprise ~ coming from Taxi and Limousine Commission Chairman Matthew Daus’ mouth, in the city of the WTC gaping-hole-in-the-ground ~ was this statement:

In addition to the fare hike, the eight-member board also approved:
…*A controversial move eliminating the requirement that cabbies demonstrate they are legal U.S. residents.
They now will only have to produce their original Social Security card and a valid driver’s license.
We don’t have any business asking people if they are a citizen or not,” Daus said.

People who confuse ‘legal’ with ‘citizen’ have no business being in such a position. They might confuse other important stuff, wouldn’t you think?

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