Calling Apple Lap Tops! Calling Apple Lap Tops!

“Smokin'” might not refer to your processor speed.

Apple to recall 1.8 million notebook batteries
Recall is second-biggest in U.S. history involving electronics or computers

5 Responses to “Calling Apple Lap Tops! Calling Apple Lap Tops!”

  1. Didn’t Dell have the same problem with their notebook batteries?

  2. Cindermutha says:

    Yes, Dell did the recall last week or the week before. My sister has one.

  3. John says:

    The problem is with the Sony batteries, sourced to both Dell and Apple. Sony has really gone down the crapper of late.

  4. No kidding, John! What is up with Sony? Although I wish I could blame them for my touchy Toshiba ~ it goes into thermal runaway all by itself whenever it feels like it. Like the late 60’s song ~ “Good morning, Mr. Bluescreen. You brighten up my day…”

  5. John says:

    “What is up with Sony?”
    They quit mfg. in Japan and outsourced to some shady Cantonese factories. My sources in the Orient say that a “Made in Japan” Sony is far superior to a “Made in China” one. Oh, look for the Union label…
    (For those who don’t know Japan everyone is unionized over there (not just the hourly wage earners, even salried shmucks like me), but the unions keep quiet in exchange for steady wage increases every year. Quiet that is, until lifetime employment gets challenged, then the socialist talons come out).

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