“Capture the Castillo de San Lorenzo el Real de Chagres!!!”

Sounds easy enough. You’ve just got to remember to WATCH OUT FOR THE…

…Morgan and his men were sailing up the Chagres River…when his flagship, the Satisfaction, and at least three other vessels crashed on Lajas Reef, sinking in shallow water.


But it’s worked out really well for old-time pirate lovers, like…ME!!!

Pirate Captain Morgan’s Cannons Recovered

Archaeologists have recovered six cannons from the ships of Welsh privateer Henry Morgan, the first artifacts found in Panama to be linked to the man who remains a legend there, the team said Monday.

…At least two more guns are buried in the sand, along with an anchor, ceramics, bottles and other artifacts, he said. Magnetometers indicate that other metal objects are buried more deeply.

“The only wrecks that we know of that happened on that reef are his,” said Delgado, who worked with colleagues from Texas State University-San Marcos, the Waitt Institute in La Jolla and Panama’s National Institute of Culture. Moreover, an old map found in local archives indicates the site of the wreck is the location where the team found the cannons.

The archaeologists had not intended to bring the cannons to the surface, but treasure hunters have apparently been working at the site. “There is evidence of explosions, heavy gouging and digging and massive scooped-out areas,” Delgado said. “The reef has really been hit hard,” forcing their hand.

The scurvy dogs!! Well, it’s OUR treasure, now!

In honor of this ARGHuably momentous occasion, I’m warbling a rollicking pirate ditty, what’ll have yer landlubbing feet tapping and yer thieving hands clapping (CLAP, damn you!!!), for pirates everywhere.

2 Responses to ““Capture the Castillo de San Lorenzo el Real de Chagres!!!””

  1. major dad says:

    Sigh, well I did send her the link.

  2. nightfly says:

    Arrrr. I can’t clap, matey – my hook digs into me other hand. I’ll tap me peg leg instead.

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