Casablanca Is One Of My Favorite Movies

So of course this Thanksgiving we (well I) had “champagne cocktails”

ordered from our Sasha stand-in (also me) in my best Captain Renault voice

I came here for the waters.

3 Responses to “Casablanca Is One Of My Favorite Movies”

  1. Dr Alice says:

    “What waters? We’re in the desert.”
    “I was misinformed.”

    Casablanca premiered on my birthday (11/26) back in ’43 or so, which has always made me happy. Love that movie.

  2. Jim - PRS says:

    Verrrrry civilized, Bing.

  3. JeffS says:

    Mr. B, the only waters you go anywhere for is to wash the dishes. Or maybe your hands.

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