Cast Iron Treasure Acquired

I am soooooo tickled. I finally scored me a proper, OLD, cast iron griddle (the stitches where they took out the kidney I sold to pay for it still have to get yanked, and I’m sore as shit, but, HEY! GOT. MUH. GRIDDLE.) It is SO PRET-TEE!!!

PRET-TEE Wagner 11¼” 1110A Griddle
So pret-tee, pret-tee, PRET-TEE!!

You might be wondering what, besides being an addictive sort of personality (it’s inherited, don’t you judge me), would have someone scouring our admittedly sad little thrift and “antique” shops here in Pcola for such a specific thing.

It wasn’t a “what,” it was a “who.”

Her name is Brenda Gantt, and she’s from the state next door, and she is just KILLING me with her old timey cooking.

I dare you to watch this video of her making buttermilk biscuits without your jaw dropping to the floor, and without a sudden, OVERWHELMING urge to find yerself a CAST IRON GRIDDLE popping into your head.

Had to get me one, and it wasn’t easy. OR cheap. I was going to be pretty specific in my search – no Lodge anything – and knew there’d be some skyhigh prices for the older stuff like Wagner or Griswold. I was hoping to luck into a Birmingham Stove and Range (BSR) or other local, not quite as famous, but same quality piece. (I have one of their skillets, and schweet!) But what surprised me was the dearth of griddles, especially the larger sizes. I wound up ordering from a wonderfully talented cast iron restorer in PISCATAWAY, New Jersey. Thank you, Jesus, for the innerwebs. I am very much going to enjoy turning this beauty black with goo again.

Here she is making Potato Patties.

When I get a chance, Ima break into that biscuit thing, and will post failure or success. It’s worked for Brenda. She’s got, like, 2.8 MILLION followers now, does her hair up pretty, clothes are better, real production values, and all in the space of a year! Did you guys know Bingley used to chat with the Pioneer Woman Rhee Drummond way back when we were all blogging away? Really. He did! She was just as nice as I imagine Brenda is.

Old timey cooks seem to be that way. Unfussy and friendly.

We’ll see how friendly I am if I mess these biscuits up.

4 Responses to “Cast Iron Treasure Acquired”

  1. aelfheld says:

    Old cast iron does have its attractions but makes high-quality cast iron skillets (No.4, No.6, No.8, No.10, & No.12) & a griddle.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    Oooo! I’ll look them up But, man – I DO love “old.” Furniture, cast iron, cookware…CHINA. I just love the feel of vintage/antique.

  3. aelfheld says:

    I do too, but vintage cast iron can get awfully pricey. Not that the Field items are cheap by any means.

  4. tree hugging sister says:

    DUDE. I see some of the stuff they’ll profile or talk about in Garden & Gun, and go to a website and ABOUT DIE. The old stuff can set you back on your heels, but some of the newer hand forged stuff can rock your socks off. I got the griddle for $89 plus shipping, and you could tell the fellow was awful proud of his work, and LOVED his old stuff. Even beat, old smaller Wagners go for another $40-60 more every day of the week, UNRESTORED, so I took a shot on it, and am tickled to death. Used it 4 times already, and things slide right off. Smooth as a baby’s butt.

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