Cast the First Stone

Eight women and one man convicted of adultery are set to be stoned to death in Iran, activists said Sunday.
Lawyer and women’s rights activist, Shadi Sadr, said the nine were convicted of adultery in separate cases in different Iranian cities.
“Their verdicts are approved, and they may be executed at any time,” she told reporters.
…Most of the nine come from areas of Iran that have low rates of literacy and some did not understand the cases against them, she said.
One of Sadr’s colleagues, Mohammad Mostafai, said his client, Malak Qorbani, had plead guilty to adultery even though she did not know the meaning of the charge.

Amazing what those 7th century secret religious police types can persuade someone to do.

7 Responses to “Cast the First Stone”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Bleah. And some folks are actually surprised at opposition to the creeping coverage of Islamic law.

  2. Ebola says:

    The irony is that a tenant in the Quran is to learn to read and write. That’s supposed to be a bloody muslim duty. Ironic considering Mo was illiterate and had someone else take down his ramblings for him, but whatever.

  3. Gunslinger says:

    And these are the yahoos that Obama wants to negotiate with unconditionally.
    Double bleah.

  4. We cannot kill these bastards fast enough.

  5. Cappy says:

    Why you evil conservative bastard you! Don’t you have any respect for third world cultures? I am wet with compassion for the oppressed Muslim peoples.
    Oh, wait. Sorry. I forgot. I’m not a traitor or a hippie. I’m taking my meds now. All better.

  6. WordGirl says:

    Has no one gotten the gist that EIGHT WOMEN and ONE MAN are being charged?! Where are the other eight men? Because I assume this wasn’t a four-on-four type deal.

  7. Hey, WG ~ they all look alike in a black sack, so they probably gathered them all up, vice the particularly guilty party. After all, what’s six or seven more dead women mean?

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