Catholics Are Using the “Power of the Pulpit” to Educate the Flock This Fortnight

Catholics observe fortnight for religious freedom
Mass tonight opens series of observances

Film, prayer and seminars.

Catholics will use those tools in an effort to stop what they say is an affront on religious freedom.

Fortnight for Freedom, a 14-day observance aimed at educating Catholics about religious liberty, opens with a Mass on Thursday at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops has urged all local parishioners to take part in the events, an initiative of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

President Palpatine should be very worried about that group experiencing an “awakening” of epic proportion. Our diocese, besides the Mass tonight at Pensacola’s Sacred Heart Cathedral, is using the underhanded trick of showing a movie. Although it DOES star the diocesan patron saint, the parallels sans costumes had me snickering at the chutzpah of our young, newly installed Bishop Gregory Parkes. I like the cut of his jib.

The movie? Oh, yeah:

Actually, Michelle Obama is the one in robes, but no matter.


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