China Has A Big Problem

As these stories proliferate it could have a big impact on world trade

PANAMA CITY – A top Panamanian prosecutor said tests show at least 94 people have died from taking medicine contaminated with diethylene glycol since July 2006 and that 293 more deaths are under investigation.
Prosecutor Dimas Guevara told The Associated Press on Wednesday that people have continued to die this year even though the tainted medicine was pulled from shelves in October, with some struggling for months before dying.
…A chemical commonly found in antifreeze and brake fluid, diethylene glycol was used in cough syrup, antihistamine tablets, calamine lotion and rash ointment made in a Panama government laboratory.
Investigations revealed the chemical was made by a Chinese company that fraudulently passed it off as 99.5 percent pure glycerin, a sweetener commonly used in drugs, to a Spanish company. That company sold it to Panama’s Medicom SA, which sold it to a government laboratory.

Just look at all these problems.

One Response to “China Has A Big Problem”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Joy. We are so tied to the Chinese industry that simply cutting them is not an option. I don’t expect the Chinese government to actually address this as well.
    Tell me again why China is such a shining example of political, economic, and social progress?

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