Chris Rock’s Making Friends Again…

…but not how you’d think. (In this month’s Elle.)

ELLE: Did you have a favorite candidate in last year’s presidential primary?
CR: I liked—who’s the “yahoo” guy?
ELLE: Dean?
CR: Dean. He had a passion to him, at least. Kerry didn’t want to win. I’m a Democrat, but hats off to Bush—he wanted to win. He said, “You know what? We’re gonna have our convention in motherf–kin’ New York.” That’s what generals do. They go, “They don’t like us over there, that’s where we’re going.” [Claps his hands, tips his baseball cap] Yet Kerry knows—all the Democrats knew going in—the race is gonna come down to Florida or Ohio. So where we gonna have our convention? Oh, let’s have it in Boston! Bitch. [Unfurls his middle finger] Of course you lost…
…ELLE: What do you think about Condi and Colin Powell?
CR: I’m glad Bush hired a lot of black people. Frankly, he hires more than the average liberal. He really does. And you know, policy aside, little black girls and little black boys are gonna see Condi Rice, Colin Powell. White kids, too—when it’s time for them to pick who they’re gonna work with, there’s not gonna be a mental block in their heads. So Bush…hey. [Again tips his hat] The only thing I’m mad at Bush about is the war, because I have a cousin in Iraq. A girl cousin, all right? Nia Rock. Nia Rock is there right now, driving a truck.

9 Responses to “Chris Rock’s Making Friends Again…”

  1. The Real JeffS says:

    Chris Rock is a confused idiot. He admires Bush for being decisive and aggressive, but wanted the “yahoo guy. Heck, he can’t even remember Howard’s name, fer gossakes!.

  2. OH, I don’t agree at all, JeffS. I would think that ‘can’t remember’ is a comediene’s schtick; he gets to say ‘yahoo guy‘ and everybody laughs. Those guys are always mugging for the camera and playing the fool, trying to get the laugh.
    But how many avowed democrats (Hollywood types, no less!) have come forward and said what he says in this interview in a major publication? Nobody but no one and I thought it incredibly refreshing. There isn’t one cheap slap trying to mitigate the thoughts. If Bill Clinton had chosen just two black Secretaries of State less mind half of what W’s done in all his Dept’s, they would be readying him for canonization. But since it’s W, not a peep of acknowledgement out of the left/Jesse Jackson types. The Bush administration is the real Rainbow Coalition.

  3. Nightfly says:

    Right on Ms. Sister. I also found it refreshing. Rock seems like a reflexive lefty about some stuff, but then he’s right on about a lot of others; profanity aside, the man’s funny and smart. [tips cap] I’ll take him over a hundred unfunny ‘comics’ like Janeane Garofalo or Al Franken.

  4. Reading your (very) nice comment, the word that sprang to mind was ‘spiteful’. That’s what your list of suspects and their ilk are, Fly. Spiteful. That’s an awful way to go through life, and spiteful turns to bitter in the blink of an eye. However Chris Rock pushes buttons (and he seems to get everyone’s at one time or another), I never get the impression that he’s dishonestly looking for that laugh. He’s been equally brutal to all.

  5. Dave J says:

    Exactly, THS. I may not agree with him on everything, but he’s an equal-opportunity offender, taking all targets down a notch, and he can give credit where it’s due even to people he opposes. Along those lines, my personal favorite Chris Rock quote:
    “Al Sharpton is a Reverend like Colonel Sanders is a war hero.”

  6. red says:

    “So where we gonna have our convention? Oh, let’s have it in Boston! Bitch.”
    I hadn’t heard this – that’s so amusing. I love Chris Rock.

  7. Emily says:

    I think Rock is spot on in a lot of his comments about race and how it’s become common to blame everybody except people who should be responsible for their own behavior. Did you ever see that stand up routine where he went after everyone who blames “the media”?
    “Do you think when I’m looking over my shoulder at an ATM machine that I’m worried about the media? ‘Oh shit! It’s Mike Wallace! Run!'”

  8. ExACTly!! Just like his Use Common Sense routine. What’s to argue with??

  9. The Real JeffS says:

    Possibly, THS. Even probably. But I’m not real fond of Chris Rock as a comedian anywho. He is an equal opprotunity slammer, no doubt about it, but I just don’t find him all that funny.

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